Kassandra Bruni studied at The Ruth Prowse School of Art in Cape Town, South Africa. She found her love for photography at an early age when she started taking action shots of her brother and his friends in Namibia, and paging through fashion editorials. Kass finds inspiration amongst her constant research, looking out for new ideas and concepts to shoot.
Originally from Namibia, she is fluent in English as well as German, and it’s her German heritage that has given her a serious eye for perfection and production!
After completing her studies and hitting the big world of photography, Kass has had the opportunity to assist some of the great local and international photographers including New York based Gavin O’Neill.
She has found her niche in the fashion and beauty industries. Kass takes pleasure in editing her own work.

“Seeing is not as easy as it looks.” – Ansel Adams


Currently based in London, UK